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Locally Produced Drinks

Locally Produced Drinks

At Taste Perthshire, we pride ourselves on sourcing and selling the very best range of locally produced drinks. Scotland is renowned for creating some of the best whiskies, gins and other spirits. Gin has boomed in popularity in recent years, and here in Scotland, we are lucky enough to be experts in creating artisan and craft gins.

For fans of speciality beers, Scotland has a thriving micro-brewing industry, and we stock a massive range for all tastes. Wine lovers needn’t worry, as although the climate in Scotland is a bit too cold for cultivating grapes, we stock a delicious range of unique and local fruit wines. These are just a few of our favourite locally produced drinks that are currently available in the Taste Perthshire shop:

Cairn O’Mhor

Cairn O’Mhor creates delicious, unique fruit wines in central Scotland. All their wines are made using traditional methods of fermentation followed by a year or more of maturation. The core range of fruit wines includes firm favourites of strawberry, raspberry, bramble, elderberry and oak leaf. Over the years, founders Ron and Judith have developed various other flavours including currant, sparkling oak & elder, and shrubbery.

As well as their delectable fruit wines, Taste Perthshire also stocks Cairn O’Mhor’s Scottish bottled ciders. These ciders are created using an old variety of apples from the Carse of Gowrie mixed in with a blend of modern apples from other areas.

Persie Gin

Distilled in the former Persie Hotel at the foot of Glenshee in Perthshire, it is hard to find a more local gin than this. Persie Gin is handmade in small batches using a small copper pot still and is distilled using pure glen water from the local Scottish hills. The range includes three distinct styles of aromatic gins, including a fruity gin, a savoury gin and a sweet gin. All of these unique spirits are stocked in Taste Perthshire shop and are a real must-try.

Strathearn Gin

Strathearn Distillery is Scotland’s original craft spirits distillery and makes beautiful whisky, rum and gin. They focus on carefully, hand-crafting their spirits right from distillation through to bottling, to create a truly wonderful finished product. Their gin range includes a Scottish Dry Gin and a Heather Rose Gin, both of which have an outstanding flavour balance and smoothness.


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