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Whisky, Gin, Wine & Beer

Our Drinks Cellar is stocked with a vast range of the very best drinks produced in Scotland!

Scotland is a bit too cold to cultivate grapes for wine. However, we do stock a range of the local fruit wines from Cairn O'Mhor - their sparkling elderflower is particularly good!

We also stock the popular Moniack Mead and fruit wines, made in the Highlands.

Our wine cellar also features a wide choice of wine from across the world, chosen to complement our food range and offer you an affordable midweek treat or something fancy to enjoy on a special occasion.

There is a thriving artisan and micro-brewery industry in Scotland and we have a wide selection to suit all tastes. The local Abernyte and Loch Leven Breweries make excellent beers. Our range extends to beers from Orkney Brewery, Cairngorm, Loch Fyne and many others.

We have beers in all styles, from pilsners and lagers to blonde beers, amber ales, 80/- styles, dark beers and Scottish porters. There really is something for everyone.

Gin is having a bit of a renaissance at the minute and Scotland is leading the field on artisan and craft gins. We've got some rather lovely ones in stock, including the local Strathearn gin which is made just outside of Methven - it's delicious with a twist of lime.

Don't forget we also have our whisky shop with over 100 malts available!

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